Mobile DJ Booking Form

Traditionally mobile DJ’s and disco’s have used booking forms and booking templates to gather client and event details.

PDF DJ booking forms

These can be printed out and posted to clients or taken along to a client meeting and filled in by the DJ during the meeting.

Once the form has been filled, the date is then put into the DJ’s calendar and the form is then filed until the it’s required. It’s difficult to amend details and search manually through these paper forms.

A better approach is to use an online booking system such as KwikEvent to manage your booking. This will enable you to amend and search for customers much faster. It will also automatically insert your bookings into your electronic calendar.

Website booking form

Often crude DJ contact forms are used which ultimately send an email to the DJ with the clients details. DJ’s can then use their email inbox as a filing system, copy/paste the bookings into a document or print out the details.

This solution to booking forms is prone to errors such as incorrect details being recorded when changes to bookings are made, or even worse you lose a clients details and don’t turn up to their event!

Again using an DJ booking like KwikEvent to manage your bookings is a sensible idea as you can add notes and amend event details. This will also automate your booking process.

A booking system will also enable you to setup online quotation and pricing so that you can give instant pricing and gain clients instantly.